Each of these answers probably could be its own post, but here are the summaries.

Where are we now?

Check our itinerary page or most recent post.

Why would we call our website travel knit dance?

We love to travel, we love to knit (yep. both of us), and we love to dance. Traveling enriches our lives, knitting objects is fun, and dancing is a passion (salsa in particular). They are the things that have shaped our trip plan. They will be some of the major themes along with photography.

How can you afford it?

Sold everything, savings, rental income, stocks, and traveling frugally (most of the time). Plus, 16 of the most expensive and longest flights were paid for with credit card miles. Throughout the years, I have decided that I would rather have experiences instead of things. That is why I decided not to get the fancy sports car or giant house. 1-2 years of travel costs less than half of the Porsche 911 Turbo. I put that money away for a trip like this. We realize how lucky we are to have this opportunity.

How did you plan the trip?

For years, we have been making lists of places to go and things to do. Then, we combined our lists and made difficult choices to reduce the giant list of destinations down to something that is enjoyable for our time frame. A trip of 1-2 years probably should not have the same pace as a typical 1 week trip. There are basically 2 ways to plan a trip like this… Spend months crafting a masterpiece (this is what we did) or pick your first destination and wing it. We considered seasons, cultural festivals, knitting events, and salsa events on top of the restrictions of the around the world trip ticket. It has been a logistical nightmare, but it’s a great problem to have.

What did you pack?

Enough (we think). Selecting the bag that is right for you is key. I wanted a large (~65 liter) bag with a U-zip instead of the cavernous section of a typical camping bag. This will take more time to complete.

Will you ever return?

UPDATE 30 October 2020:

Yes. We will return to the US. However, our timeline of when we will return has been COVID-smashed. We still plan to finish the trip after COVID is under control. Our best guess is that we will return around the end of 2021 or potentially early 2022. COVID seems to have delayed our plans by nearly a year.


Yes. We plan to return to the US from the 1st year of travel around the end of 2020. There is likely another leg of travel starting in 2021, but we need to see how this first chunk-o-travel goes first.

Where are you most excited to go?

This question is almost impossible for me to answer. The general experience is what I have been thinking about for years. Palau (jellyfish lake swimming) and Namibia (Deadvlei) are probably the two most unique destinations. I’m excited about the bioluminescent beach and underwater restaurant in the Maldives. We are looking forward to improving our Tango dancing in Argentina. We planned our itinerary around the cherry blossoms in Japan. See what I mean? It’s all going to be great.