Our Gear

Do you like our stuff? Want to know where to get it? Here is a list of our specifically chosen items. Click the picture to view the item.

(full disclosure: these are affiliate links. If you are going to buy it, purchasing it from here helps us with no extra cost to you)

Apple Airpods: Perfect for exercise, hands free calls, dancing, and screaming babies on airplanes.

UPDATE 30 October 2020: I have switched systems entirely! I need to update the gear list. I made the jump from Canon to Sony and I am happy I did. I will probably do a post on why I made the switch.

My Camera: Canon 5D mkIV (Body Only) Lenses listed below: All images prior to September 2019, were taken with this.

My most used lens: Canon 24-70 f/2.8L ii: Tack sharp, good in low light and covers most of my shooting range. If I could only have one lens, this is it.
My wide angle lens: Canon 16-35 f/4 is: Because sometimes things are very big or very close.

Telephoto: Canon 70-200 f/4 is ii: Great for portraits and sometimes things are far away.

Tripod: MeFoto Backpacker: The only one that fits into my bag and is built to last.

Step Up Ring: Save yourself $100 and use this to fit a large filter on a smaller lens

Pelican memory card case: Memories are worth more than the camera.

Action camera: GoPro Hero 7 Black

Bag Security when leaving it somewhere: It’s not perfect, but it may deter the typical opportunistic or lazy thief.

Ear plugs: Because some clubs are very loud… and screaming babies on planes.

Spare Battery: Charges everything, many times.

Dual Battery Charger USB: I carry a few batteries that need charging.

My Day Pack… Fantastic bag that fits under an airplane seat. I can access my camera without putting the bag down.

To charge everything in a small space, and faster

Sea to Summit Dry Sacks (much better than big vacuum bags)

International Travel Adapter Set

Knitting Needle Set: Hopefully, these make it around the world.

Mike’s Bag: Osprey Porter 65 (I had to have a U zip. The 75 l camping bag was annoying to unpack/repack)

Headlamp: Great value and used regularly (even for knitting)

Jyn’s Bag: Osprey Fairview 55L

iPhone XS Max 64 gb: This is incredibly versatile. If I could only bring one thing, it might be this.

Luggage Scale: Inexpensive and prevents bag repacking

Down Jacket: This kept me warm at Mt. Everest Basecamp and in Alaskan Winter. Compresses into very small area. Yes, the hood makes a huge difference.

My portable gym: They fit into my bag and fill in the gap for some pulling exercises. Calisthenics takes care of the rest of my routine.