RTW Trip- Thailand May 2021

TLDR: Big news! We are returning to the states to get vaccinated soon! Then, we will resume travel shortly after. Thailand has been awesome, but due to the circumstances, we need to move on.

Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do

The “acceptable” and most effective vaccines are being rolled out far too slowly/late here for our demographic. For us, it could take until October/November due to a variety of inconsistent reasons to get an “adequate” vaccine. Combine that with Covid case numbers that have not gone down in the last 2 months, many places still being closed (including parks), officials sending contradicting information daily, with no end in sight, and it is a recipe for us to get on a plane and get the dang vaccine in the United States. We will end our personal pandemics and prevent the spread to others. That’s the path to normalcy. Let’s hope we don’t catch Covid on the way to getting vaccinated! Now, we gotta pack and move out. Our favorite! (said nobody, ever).

Ga-reat picture from the garage.

Short Stint in the US

We have quite a bit to do in Los Angeles before we attempt to resume travel in early August (lofty goal). However, as soon as we land, we are getting vaccinated and hiding from people for a few weeks while we build immunity… and eat tons of Mexican food! We have a bunch of logistics/tasks to take care of, but it is the best use of that time. After our second shot, we will emerge from our cave, see our friends, and have a little fun before we get back out in the world. We are looking forward to that very much. The Round The World Trip will not be the same as originally planned, but we believe that we can scrape together one heck of a good time with whichever countries will take us. As for fixing our Round The World Trip business class plane tickets… *insert enormous sigh* that is a frustrating awful nightmare that I was hoping never to have to revisit (twitch. flashback. twitch). Hopefully, it will work out.

A Fond Farewell to Thailand (for now)

Overall, we are fortunate to have spent the last 15 months in Thailand. At least half of that time was nearly restriction free and we did our best to enjoy the days. Thailand is far from perfect, but it offers tremendous value and a quality of life that cannot be ignored. From daily $1 boba teas, $7 one hour foot massages, super modern malls, fantastic public transportation, friends/family, gorgeous/adventurous places to visit, excellent medical care, and incredibly delicious fruits/food, It feels like a second home. I miss the blended coconuts and khao man gai already. We will certainly return regularly, but first, we have an around the world trip to finish. We have received our negative Covid test results, reserved the flights, made the vaccination appointments, and are ready to get this party started.

We’re hexy and we know it.

May-be Not That Interesting

Oh yeah… I suppose I should recap the rest of May… We mostly stayed inside. Here are some of the pictures from the last month.

Looking out the window each day.
No problems here. He’s monitoring the area.
Chinda’s newest knits… Red magnificent magpie robin fobbin (Mike called it that).
Chinda’s newest knits… Hatty McHatterson (Mike making up names)
Chinda’s newest knits… Beanie meanie bo beanie (Mike again).
Crochet bag with sewn liner (reality).
Pictures with walls near the apartment
Pictures with walls near the apartment (Under the Phyll)

With any luck, by the next post, we will be vaccinated, emerging from “hiding”, and getting ready for the next chapter of this circuitous around the world trip.

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